The week is a hectic, rush-rush-rush time for a lot of us. We have kids to take to practice, errands to run, chaos to maintain. By the time we stop what we're doing, it's nearing dinner time and often, we are still on the go. The time to connect as a church family disappears in a flurry of homework and preparing to do it all over again tomorrow. When do we stop and spend time talking to our families? When do we sit down, enjoy a stress-free, tasty meal without the distraction of the blaring TV and ringing telephone? At BIG Wednesday!


Dinner begins at 6:00 PM in the Telle Center and includes a tasty menu, prepared and served by our resident gourmet chef, Diane Leicham and her team. We serve buffet style and enjoy dinner together around tables. Children and Students have their meals delivered to their own zones where they can hang with friends and enjoy fellowship. The best part?  They eat free! We ask for a $5 donation for adults only.


After dinner, we break into our children’s and student programs, while adults participate in a variety of classes and studies. Parents with small children are invited to dynamic classes to enhance their parenting skills and develop faith in growing families.