Welcome Home


Welcome to Trinity United Presbyterian Church of Modesto!

We are Thrilled to extend our Welcome and Love to you! Our Prayer is that you will experience the full breadth of

God’s Love, Grace and Salvation through Jesus Christ!

Our church is a gathering of caring people whose purpose is to glorify God through celebrating Who God is, cultivating

personal growth in Christ, caring for one another and communicating Christ to the world.


    Are you looking. . .


•  For a place to worship God and come to know Him better?

•  For a place of vibrant Bible teaching, warm friendship and genuine love?

•  For a place for families and singles; for young at heart and young; for the spiritually mature and the spiritually seeking?

•  For a place where you can be a significant part of a caring, serving, community?

•  For a place for YOU?


We provide an abundance of people-oriented ministries and programs to meet human need in whatever form it takes.


We would love to see you become a vital part of our growing family and discover where God has gifted you for His service. 


The doors of our church and the doors of our hearts are open to you.