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Trinity Preschool offers a variety of classes, from infant, to preschool, and even for children K-6th with our after school program. We are now using Brightwheel where families can easily communicate with our school, have an ease of check-in, as well as being up-to-date with their child, their teachers, as well our staff on campus.

Set up an appointment today, and let's talk about your child being a part of our Trinity Preschool family.


In addition to nurturing and basic care, infants need stimulation to foster mental and physical development. Our program provides an ideal environment in which your child will learn to interact with his or her surroundings. Teachers work with each child in activities that incorporate the natural routines of feeding and play, encouraging development without disrupting his or her individual daily schedule.


Toddlers are busy-busy little learners with lot of new things to explore. We specialize in directing all that energy into things that help toddlers learn and grow. Children are naturally curious and motivated to learn. We provide your child with the materials and experiences to help him or her understand and communicate in meaningful ways.



The two-year-old program expands on the foundation established in the toddler program. We begin to introduce more routine and structure to a child’s activities and daily schedule. Your child will build vocabulary, learn functional numerical skills, and be encouraged to use simple reasoning to explain everyday occurrences.



As your child grows, he or she is more secure and read for a higher level of challenge. Developmentally appropriate practices are set forth by national accrediting associations. Social, verbal, cognitive, and physical skills are developed through activities that engage children.



Preparing for kindergarten is exciting, and we want your child to be excited about learning. So, while we increase the focus on math, science, language, and social studies, we make sure these skills are presented with a big dose of fun! These years are critical for the emerging learner to be prepared for elementary school. In the Pre-K program, your child will gain the final components of literacy and math knowledge to prepare for kindergarten. (This class is only offered to children who are entering kindergarten within the next school year.)

After Schoolers

As children grow and become more independent, they need new challenges. Trinity Preschool addresses the changing and more varied needs of growing school-age children by offering:

  • Before and after school programs

  • Holiday camps

  • Summer camps

To make it easy for your family’s schedule, we provide transportation to and from neighborhood schools (please contact the preschool office for a list of schools). Our school-age program also aligns with school calendars to provide fun and learning during holidays, teacher in-service days, and other school breaks.

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