Adult Education

Trinity's Adult Education:


The main purposes for this ministry are twofold:

One, to educate people in the teachings of Scripture and to do so in a nonthreatening way that allows for dialogue both pro and con.  Secondly, to help empower individuals to go and live out the Gospel in everyday life.

We study various books of the Bible as well as take on controversial topics from a Biblical perspective.  We will periodically have a DVD study on specific subjects such as the Max Lucado study on Fear we are currently studying. 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in on this study time, it will be well worth your while! We would be delighted to have you.

God bless you,

Pastor Les Malakian​



Trinity's Adult Education program is an offering the following:


Rev. Les Malakian

Parish Pastor


This is a "Sermon talk back" class that consist of viewing the previous week's sermon and analyzing its contents. Hearing each other's various perspectives is very intersting as we align these with the Biblical prespective.