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what to expect

Our goal is to make you feel welcome! Take a look at some of our FAQ - we hope the answers will help to make you feel comfortable as you plan your visit to Trinity United.


Where Can I Park?

We have reserved spots for new people right up front, along with plenty of handicap access as well! Please feel free to take advantage of these spots! Parking is also available in either of our two lots on the North and South side of campus.  If you have small kids you plan on taking to childcare, we recommend parking in the South lot.  If you are a student, the North lot is closest to the youth center. 


I Have Kids - Where Do They Go?

Worship Service:   K-3  Attend service until after Children's Message then go to Covell Hall 402 and return just before service is over.


Is There a Dress Code?

No, there is not a dress code. You will see some people who are dressed up and others who are more casual - please feel free to wear whatever is comfortable.

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